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Becoming a mother at a young age,  I now  understand the barriers New Mexico families face and I want to ensure opportunities are available in our community.

I will bring a unique perspective to the table with my background in city government, knowledge of the legislative process and my work with nonprofits. 

I am committed to introducing and supporting vital legislation to create a healthy and vibrant District while uplifting New Mexico Families.  

Public Safety

This requires a multi-pronged approach which includes serious investing in crime-fighting technology, diversifying officer training, higher sign-on bonuses, increased wages, expanded benefits and retirement packages for police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and corrections officers as well as upgrading technology for the D.A.’s office, behavioral health and rehabilitation programs, school-based health centers, affordable housing, job opportunities, improvements to resources addressing the homeless crisis and by keeping violent offenders behind bars until trial.  I’m committed to investing capital outlay dollars into the construction of a Fire Station in District 26 to improve emergency response times. Some other ideas include implementing the community policing model, increased ATV regulations on public roads and a ban on the production and sales of ghost guns.


I whole-heartedly believe the community school model and school-based health

centers should be replicated in all underserved communities and investing in living wages for all educational staff that is above benefit increases, taxes and inflation.

We also need to invest and expand GED programs as well as Career and Technical Education programs and to prioritize continued investments and expansion efforts in Early Childhood Education. 

Economic Recovery

The cost of living is at an all-time high and some families are literally one paycheck away from becoming homeless. I believe we need to invest in our workforce and trade

accreditation programs so we can “grow our own” all the while providing childcare and incentivizing job creation. There must be a balance so that businesses can also not only survive, but thrive. We must also invest and expand the film industry and renewable

energy industry to help diversify state budget gaps so we aren't so reliant on revenue from Oil & Gas.       



The New Mexico healthcare system is still experiencing major staffing shortages. I believe we need to incentivize doctors and nurses locating here, offer rental assistance to healthcare workers, expand nursing academic programs and grant certifications for spouses of the military so nurses can start work immediately as well as strengthen assault and battery laws to protect healthcare workers. New Mexico also needs a dental school so our best and brightest can study medicine in-state. School-based health centers in our schools as I previously mentioned is paramount to healthy kids in our district. We can also do more for our Veterans’ when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses with dentures and eyeglass prescriptions and much more! Access to healthcare is a priority and I am committed to investing capital outlay dollars for the construction of a planned hospital right here in District 26!

I Support: 

  • Woman's right to choose

  • Unions! We are a proud union family!

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Veterans

  • Native American communities

  • Constitutional Amendment for Early Childhood Education

  • Increasing protections for our environment

  • Protection of wildlife

  • Affordable & accessible healthcare

Declaration of Candidacy


Median Reconstruction Project 98th/Central

Annual  Community Angel Awards
Alamosa Neighborhood Association

Voter Registration Agent

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